Hokaze Natsuki

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Hokaze Natsuki. He hasn’t been playing the drums for a long time but mastered his instrument quickly. His frail body makes his aggressive playing style all the more surprising. He practices with buckets and tires instead of his drum set. He met Kiyoteru in college. He’s a baker at the “Hokaze-tei.”

Age: 22
Birthday: March 3
Height: 160cm (5’25”)
Weight: 47kg (99 lbs)
Shoe Size: 23.5cm (9″3)
Favourite Instrument: He uses the drum sets that are already in the places he performs at, except for the snare (Pearl/CS 1450), the kick pedal (Pearl/P-3002D) and his sticks (Pearl/106 H)
Hobby: Making Kiyoteru taste his new cakes
Family: Chiyo (grandmother), Masayuki (father), Haruko (mother), Natsumi (older sister)





Primary School Years (Hachigata-jou Minami primary school)

Junior High School Years (Hachigata-jou Minami junior high school)

High School Years (Hachigata-jou Minami high school)

College Years (Tenshou Onkyou university)

Adult Life