Hiyama Akito

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Hiyama (火山, “fire mountain”) Akito. Kiyoteru’s friend since primary school, he works as a green-grocer and is the guitarist and easy-going band leader of ICE MOUNTAIN. He compensates his lack of knowledge and technique with his energy.

Age: 22
Birthday: January 1
Height: 179cm (5’8″)
Weight: 66kg (145.2 lbs)
Shoe Size: 28cm (11″)
Favourite Instrument: An old guitar his primary school’s janitor had given him when he was admitted to junior high school. It’s a red Gibson 1959 ES-355TD Cherry, a custom model made for a legendary guitarist. Despite this, Akito only sees it as an “old guitar”.
Hobby: Guitar, teasing Kiyoteru, bullying Natsuki
Family: Hachirouta (father), Taeko (mother), Akiko (older sister), Tatsuhiro (little brother)





Junior High School Years (Hachigata-jou Minami junior high school)

High School Years (Hachigata-jou Minami high school)

College Years (Tenshou Onkyou University)

Adult Life